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7/11/09 10:30 am

long teim no update?
yeah i know. I just got back from North Carolina awesome trip. but now i just realized how bored I am in New York, I really can't wait for school to start

6/22/09 05:51 pm

i bought my plane ticket i am going to North Carolina from july 5- july 10 :D

6/10/09 09:32 pm

i want to improve my photography
buy a cheap video camera and create videos that inspire me
cheap and crafty ways to improve my wardrobe

6/9/09 10:03 am - latelyy

moving home for the summer mostly sux. bleh. I got in a fight with charlie the other night whilst driving and got a $180 driving while on a cell phone ticket FML seriously. but we made up and what ever and he said he would pay half the ticket, i feel bad because he makes a lot less than i do.
I miss NYC so much! I went there twice this week just to hang out a bit and just relax the frickin train gets kinda expensive though, basically 20 dollars round trip so thats 40 bux just to get there and back. I went to the craft fair in bklyn which was really cute, and I finally took Meg to Lamarca she loved it! I move into my new apt in almost exactly two months!
I also bought tickets to the blink 182 show in Aug. I could not resist i love pop punk way too much. Annnd Brand New in williamsburg in July <3
umm everything else is the same and what not and im kinda justt chilling i guess for now just getting through these next few months until i move

5/25/09 05:10 pm

i havent updated in a while because life is boring. all i do is work but they pay has been nice, i gotta get to nyc on my next day off so i can pick up these:

its gonna be nice having my own small set of good equipment, right now a good lens and flash is all i need. i am giving Meg my D40 and i am also buying us Blink-182 tickets. the rest of the summer is work, work work, road trip in July to NC then back to school 2nd week of Aug.

5/8/09 05:01 pm

did some serious cleaning/shopping since i moved home, gave away 3 bags of things to goodwill and bought a new skirt, pair of jeans, flats and a bathing suit. my room is still kinda messy because i am still moving all my stuff in and cleaning everything out, i have thrown out a huge bag of garbage already from my room. I have just been hanging out with my friends since i have been back nothing serious watching movies til 3am with charlie, we usually ended up passing out halfway through ,last night me Olga, Charlie, Meg and Big Black went to barefoot, it was fun they had karaoke and we made (lol) Olga hit on creepy guys who would buy us drinks haha. this morning Olga dragged me outta bed and we went to Moes for lunch and basked in the sun a little by the beach. everything here is so prettyyy i love it, i do miss parts of NYC too but i always can go back whenever i want. I start work on Sunday I am kind of nervous because i am working 8 hrs 7 days a week but hey the pays gonna be great soo w/e.
my hairs getting longggg

4/24/09 06:24 pm - Last (fun) New York Weekend.

Last night I came to LI for my interview this morning Me, Meg, Olga, Big Black and Charlie had a wine night it was nice, it was not so nice waking up early this morning but my interview went super, the lady who interviewed me, her mom was my Pre-K teacher who LOVES me and my mom. So it went really well and I find out next week if I get the job. For some retarded reason my train got canceled so my Dad had to drive me to the train thats further away and when i got back to NYC I had to take a cab to work to prevent getting there super late. Im bored at work right now but I just went to get a vitamin water and I found out the little food market carries the small sizes of Ben and Jerrys!!! I have been craving half baked for like 3 days now,and could not find it anywhereee they even have the frozen yogurt version which wont is way better for my stomach then the reg ice cream. Tonight is *supposedly* a big party for Alex's Birthday but the location has been changed like 4 times so nobody really knows whats going on. I hope it comes together. Tomorrow I have work in the morning and then Me and Casey are going to Andrew W.K.'s club Santos party house for the Blacklisted/Soul Control Show! Should be a blast we haven't gone to any shows since Bane which was in January or something. Sunday I have a large format printer checked out and I will probably be working most of Sunday/Monday. I need to work on packing my shit for moving home I have a loott of work to do. I also stole a poster tube that has been sitting behind my desk at the library for weeks, no one has claimed it and I need somewhere to put my pulp fiction poster so that it doesn't get wrinkled up :) yay!

I guess updates shall happen tomorrow maybe after the show :-P
stupid shit about moi if anyone caresssCollapse )

4/20/09 05:37 pm - oh hay thurr

job interview on LI friday!!

rain rain go away

4/19/09 01:12 am - oh new york,

its been warm here lately, it makes me really happy and not wanting to do work. Me and Casey adventured to Brooklyn last night we went to Alisa's loft which was pretty cute and had sum good timezz, anyway we go to leave around 1 am and sit down in the train station for like 45 minutes waiting for the L train (basically the only transportation back to manhattan). The train is not coming. at. all. so some MTA dude comes up to us and tells us that someone DIED on the tracks or something ridiculous along those lines WTF?(eta: ok apparently someone really did die http://www.nypost.com/seven/04182009/news/regionalnews/death_on_the_tracks_165060.htm) so we find this sketchy ass cab (theres no yellows in bklyn) and get in hes charging us $30 to go to 14th st w/e. so Casey needed to stop at an ATM and this dude starts hitting on me in spanish asking me HOW MANY boyfriends i currently have, I told him one, and NO i was not willing to cheat on him :-/
sketchy. anyway i was never happier to see 14th st in my life. anyway today was beautiful, i walked about 30 blocks just because i could and spent the rest of the night working.
highlights of today:
-red mango ENOUGH SAIIID
-Finished my proofs for critique
yeah thats about it
i dont know its 1 am and i am way too tired to write shit im gonna edit this up tomorrow

4/16/09 12:04 am

this is perfection. just me and the open wind and water, the trees sway behind me and lead to a path. this town is a bubble just all of us and the water, everything for the taking where nothing matters, we dont need jobs or schools or lives just the water the trees the wind and us.

this goes with an image i had to make using the word "Utopia" img will be added soon
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