Lisa Amanda (dumplings) wrote,
Lisa Amanda


Sometimes i feel like such an idiot here. I get good grades and do everything right, but this year i just DO NOT have a social life, I dont even really have the friends I did last year, like we all lived in the same dorm and even if "nothing" was going on we would make something happen and just all of us being friends made things happen. Idk, I dont get invited out ANYWHERE, my roommate always has places to go and people to hang out with, I hang out with one person here, i would be lucky to even be invited to a party. I have not done anything all year unless people from home came here. I kind of just stopped caring, thats why I dont call people anymore I dont have time and no one bothers to call me either. Its not really fair. I want to make more friends here but everyone is so shut into their own social circles, which kinda sucks. i dont meet boys either, how do i ever expect to have any sort of relationship if i cant even meet people! people in general, i mean sure i meet people but it never really gets to the point of actually hanging out with them. I have one real friend here and that is all. sometimes i just cant help but sit around and feel sorry for myself.
+end rant
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