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I have not updated in a very long time! I am almost settled in my new apartment and I started my first week of school SO thrilling. :)
today I am on duty so I don't have much to do, this weekend got crazy though, Friday Meg and Emy came in and we got Dallas BBQ and drank giant margaritas yummy, then we ended up at a bar with Matty for a little bit and went out ALL day saturday, we got rice pudding for breakfast, got our YSL manifesto :D and then took a water ferry to Ikea in brooklyn, Ikea was good but I didn't really get everything I needed, I got a wall clock for my kitchen, a set of 3 wooden spoons (they were only .50!!!) and the cute colored ziploc bags they have. But today I find out my mom went to target and bought me a plushy disc chair YAY!! I wanted a chair for my apt so bad but could not find one. I got my books for literature today and will probably end up reading some Tolstoy in Gramercy Park because it is BEAUTIFUL out todaY :D yay!
to make this more interesting here are some pictures which are from last december part of my nostalgia series. I need to get my new photos up on my computer.

eh idk.
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