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2/19/10 07:16 pm

havent done these in a while.... About MECollapse )

11/20/09 11:48 am

I guess its been a while since i really posted in here. I really don't do too much on LJ anymore except for off_wut. anyway things are getting a little better, I went out a few times with some school ppl and seem to be getting out more, socially. except for now I have so many papers due, i just need to concentrate on those. I can't wait til monday though because the majority of the work will be done then I have thanksgiving on Thurs! This weekend is seriously gonna be all work, and then I have the workshop at school on sunday to learn how to use the Leif digital back ( basically, a high end digital camera attachment for Med format film cameras. it costs 25,000 dollars!) Im really excited for Thanksgiving this year, Im going to the Parade in NYC before I go home and taking the train right from there (since it ends by penn station), Im going to see my Grandpa who just got out of the hospital. Also Alan, Luis, Eddie and Ansel will all be home which is pretty exciting too!. annnnd I am going to see BRAND NEW AND GLASSJAW on Saturday. I am super excited for that seeing I bought the tickets in July, I cant believe how fast those months went by!
so all in all lifes alrighhht. Now to stop procrastinating and do my paper!

10/8/09 01:44 am - rant

Sometimes i feel like such an idiot here. I get good grades and do everything right, but this year i just DO NOT have a social life, I dont even really have the friends I did last year, like we all lived in the same dorm and even if "nothing" was going on we would make something happen and just all of us being friends made things happen. Idk, I dont get invited out ANYWHERE, my roommate always has places to go and people to hang out with, I hang out with one person here, i would be lucky to even be invited to a party. I have not done anything all year unless people from home came here. I kind of just stopped caring, thats why I dont call people anymore I dont have time and no one bothers to call me either. Its not really fair. I want to make more friends here but everyone is so shut into their own social circles, which kinda sucks. i dont meet boys either, how do i ever expect to have any sort of relationship if i cant even meet people! people in general, i mean sure i meet people but it never really gets to the point of actually hanging out with them. I have one real friend here and that is all. sometimes i just cant help but sit around and feel sorry for myself.
+end rant

10/2/09 10:49 am - WOOOO 21!!

i am 21!!
so weird!
I have had a great start to my birthday and it is only 10am, Me and Casey went to the Bayside/Avalanche show last night did ~birthday shots afterword and we are going to see whip it! today. Tonight is dinner with my parentals and tommorrow night is the drag show with alllll my bffs!

nothing makes me happier than the people i love.

on a different note school is going insanely well, i love my job and my roommate and classes and professors and all that good stuff.

Ill update more on sunday!

9/15/09 12:23 pm - wishlist

So I don't ask for a lot especially material wise but my 21st is coming up so here is my small b-day wishlist.

Chloe Sunglasses


bus tickets to Buffalo.

9/14/09 07:20 pm - cchhhhanges

I always like to ~reinvent myself every school year, last year i got a whole slew of piercings and changed my style a lot.
I want my half sleeve tattoo(s) sooo bad, I almost can't wait until summer to start, maybe I can get the first piece done by christmas.
I want to do something to my hair again but idk what. lol, I kinda miss my green hair from last year
i might just re dye a small chunk underneath my hair green again I have a ton of the dye still.
but now I must shower, watch gossip girl and then sleep because I have work at 9am and then Crit.

9/13/09 02:58 pm - Herro!

I have not updated in a very long time! I am almost settled in my new apartment and I started my first week of school SO thrilling. :)
today I am on duty so I don't have much to do, this weekend got crazy though, Friday Meg and Emy came in and we got Dallas BBQ and drank giant margaritas yummy, then we ended up at a bar with Matty for a little bit and went out ALL day saturday, we got rice pudding for breakfast, got our YSL manifesto :D and then took a water ferry to Ikea in brooklyn, Ikea was good but I didn't really get everything I needed, I got a wall clock for my kitchen, a set of 3 wooden spoons (they were only .50!!!) and the cute colored ziploc bags they have. But today I find out my mom went to target and bought me a plushy disc chair YAY!! I wanted a chair for my apt so bad but could not find one. I got my books for literature today and will probably end up reading some Tolstoy in Gramercy Park because it is BEAUTIFUL out todaY :D yay!
to make this more interesting here are some pictures which are from last december part of my nostalgia series. I need to get my new photos up on my computer.

eh idk.

8/21/09 10:08 pm

Im back in the n y c. Nothing really thrilling has happened yet, i live in a huge ass building with 5 people living in it, so pretty lonely right now. 4 OLs move in tomorrow including my roommate. Hopefully within the next week things should begin to pick up. RA training has been interesting... to say the least. I have made many new friends and I like being out of my "element". Now i have the weekend off and I do not really know what to do since none of my friends are here (yet). I was going to go out tonight maybe see what Krystal and Nicole are doing but all and all I am way too tired (and have my period yeah yeah tmi w/e) I went to the store and got dinner now I am making it on my GAS stove :D and probably will watch a movie and take a nice long shower. I am forcing myself out tommorrow night because by then I am sure I will probably be relaxed. Until then being a bum. a better update to come

8/14/09 01:49 am - gambling

i dont like it but this happened all in the same day and made me smile

my dad wanted a $5 scratch off from the machine so he put in a $20 but it would not give him change, he was pretty mad but he ended up winning $19!

Olga got 21 $1 scratch offs for her birthday and ended up winning $45!

but knowing my luck this would have never happened to me.

7/30/09 06:00 pm - ~recent shopping~

ive been trying to re-do my wardrobe... my newest additions

i needed a basic wide elastic belt

i love this cute chloe makeup pouch how could i resist for $30

so cute and on sale :)
i bought a few ts and tanks at urban on sale as well and some jeweled jellie sandals so cute!

now all i need are a good pair of tall leather boots any suggestions??
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